Submitted by: dpinksto on 08-23-07

Went out here at night the other day.  The grass was too high and it was too dark for me to feel comfortable entering the house.  I think I might revisit it during the day some time.

Submitted by: KSGhost on 08-28-07

SWEET... Im the one that posted this House on Im glad you found it. Its a pretty cool place.

Submitted by: laynalynn on 03-19-09

Went to this house again last weekend and it is in really sad shape...i didn't have a camera so i didn't get no pics....but the house is falling in....i wouldn't even go inside any further than the first room....

Submitted by: randall_yo on 11-01-09

i went yesterday with all my equipment video, digital recorders etc...the grass was extremely high around the house and i could hear a ton of cyotes around definately not a safe place at all....and on top of that i got my truck stuck in the mud behind the house.....but on a better note i actually found some really great evidence some inside but most of the stuff happened sitting in the back of my truck....i was asking alot of questions and getting responses to my questions in the form of knocks coming from the house and i was quite a ways away from the house(about 20 feet)when all the noises were going on and they were extremely loud because you could hear them pretty clearly on the dvr along the lines of photo video evidence there was one pretty startling thing that happened.....believe me or dont believe me this is 100% true...i do have a photo to back it up.....well i asked a series of questions while i was stuck in the mud and i mentioned that i needed help getting unstuck from the mud....quite a while after we were done recording i went to sleep while waiting for the police....when i woke up i looked on the passenger side window and on the outside of the window was a small childs handprint....not a full one but if you look closely you can see the creases in the fingers.....that to me was probly the most amazing peice of evidence i got.... if anyone wants to see or hear my evidence pm me or e-mail me at remember this house is not very safe go at your own risk of safety

Submitted by: kkidd on 06-04-10

Can you post a pictures?

Submitted by: Lindsey Danielle Hole on 12-04-11


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