Submitted by: KSGhost on 08-28-07

LOL SWEET I posted this on Glad you found it. A word to all i went there a week or so ago when we had a bad rain and damn near fell through the floor lol,, i was pretty drunk though so i was being stupid to begin with ... lol 

Submitted by: Kansas_Fox on 05-21-09

I passed the Clearwater Road/90th N intersection today and couldn't find the site. There were no apparent signs of collapsed buildings, let alone the one listed. At which corner is it located, or how far down the road is it?

Submitted by: Jilly on 09-20-09

Ive been to this house, my best friend used to live there as a child, when they moved out it was occupied by another family and when they left, most of there belongings stayed behind, thats why there is so much crap still there, and it is in very bad condition i would not advise anyone to go there for safety reasons.

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