Submitted by: KSGhost on 08-29-07

I have been to the Silo's location twice its pretty cool. I have done alot of research on missile silo's and as far as i can tell all the Tittan II Silo entrances are concreted and blocked off. The Silo's Field itself is around 5 acre's I wish it was accessable down into the Silo, but the only Silo's i know around Kansas that are accessable are the Atlas F's.

Submitted by: nosferatu on 09-18-10

Do you know who owns this site? Do you know if this site is under the same restrictions as the Minuteman sites? Absolutely no entry. Have you tried the Titan II Museum in Pima County, AZ. Some chap in Little Rock just sold a Titan II to a salvage company who will be opening the site to pull out the steel. Owner was reported as stating the entry was earth filled, no restrction on entry & silo was reported to not be imploded but 2 levels earth filled & concrete plug placed over top. I would be very much interested in seeing a site that owner would be open to a sell that has no GSA restriction on reopening entry. I am with understanding that all the titan II's that were disposed after decommission are not under restriction & that 1 KS Titan II was still held by the GSA around 2006 to 2007 to be disposed in the future but would not be allowed to be opened. I know there are tons of photos on internet of AZ sites that have been reopened but silo's destroyed. Bunker would make one hell of a home.

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