Submitted by: slothead on 11-16-09

"3-2" as we called it back in the 70's was my home site. I spent a few years "pulling" alerts there before being assigned to the Instructor Shop and subsequently to Standboard. I vividly remember going topside at night to watch the traffic on the Kansas Turnpike in the [sometimes] cool night air. The water treatment facility is the square to the north and the helicopter pad is the smaller square to the east. the circle to the close northwest was the location of the disc-cage HF antenna.

Submitted by: dpinksto on 11-18-09

Thanks for the info! I was always interested in these.

Submitted by: nosferatu on 09-18-10

Can you tell me. Are the KS Titan II sites under restriction like the Minuteman II sites? I know that owners in Little Rock & Pima Co AZ are opening up their sites. I have also heard from a Little rock site owner that the decommision crew ran over schedual in Little rock & halted implosion of silo & set concrete plugs into the silo hole & graded earth over the opening with the silos intact. He told me of a site N of his in which the owner had built the house over the entry portal & that they stated the silo, yet water filled, was completley intact. Do you have any contacts in decommission who can confirm. Do you also know what site had the socket drop & when the rocket blew up it blew the silo lid a mile away? Did anyone have photos of this site?

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