Submitted by: KSGhost on 08-29-07

I have been here many times. This place is pretty creapy at night. Worth Checking Out

Submitted by: dpinksto on 08-29-07

I can't beleive I have lived in douglass for years and I have never been to this place.

Submitted by: Bree on 10-25-07

I agree! I also lived in Douglass for many years and had never heard about this one... Guess its time to make a trip out there!

Submitted by: on 06-15-08

i am a kid from rose hill is this cool do u think ill get good pictures amd scare my friends???

Submitted by: countrygirl on 09-30-08

As of now things have grown up around there and you actually have to look pretty hard to see it.. My inlaws live just down the road from there, We also have NEVER heard anything or seen anything out there its just creepy cuz it soo dark LOL...

Submitted by: dpinksto on 10-01-08

Yea I went out there a few months ago in the dark, and it is just way too over grown. With all the mosquitos, heat, humidity, and not being able to see much, it made for a pretty unpleasant time.

Submitted by: Azzieslice on 10-25-09

Hey, I actually OWN this land, and let me tell you, it's not haunted. Not even close. It's old, it's dark, it's rotting, so it LOOKS like it's haunted, but it's not. And since I OWN THE LAND that means whoever comes here to look for so-called GHOSTS, is TRESPASSING, and therefore I am liable to press charges. We've just recently caught a few Derby idiots from staying in our land, so this is not a joke, just ask KIRSTEN NOTTINGHAM, MICHEAL CLEAVELAND, MAT ROGERS, RICKY MITCHEl, who were just a few we caught. They were caught by my mother and my brother, who did in fact have a GUN with him. We are only posting this for your safety. My brother goes hunting, and we let people hunt on that area of land, so if YOU GET SHOT BY ONE OF THEM WE R NOT LIABLE FOR CHARGES BECAUSE UR THE ONES WHO WERE TRESPASSING. If you aren't a fan of getting shot, or having the cops involved in calling ur parents to inform them of what you were doing, which the police did get involved with the boys mentioned above, STAY OFF OUR LAND. Thank You.

Submitted by: dpinksto on 10-27-09

Just a pleasant reminder, the poster does make some good points. This site does not endorse Trespassing, we ask that permission is given before attempting to visit any location that is private property. Thanks Azzieslice for reminding us! -Derek

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