Submitted by: KSGhost on 08-29-07

If you live in the Wichita, KS area this Silo is the one you wana check out. The door has a hole knocked in the bottom, so it is accessable. Missile Silos Are Government Property, Violators Rick Prosocution And Even Being Shot!!! This is no joke there's signs every where that tell you so lol, just so you dont forget. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK
Here's some pictures of the Silo:

Submitted by: chiefshater1 on 01-21-09

Been here many times.Door is wide open you can only get down to first level.There is a square hole in one of the walls if you look through and down there is water.Climb through and drop down water is ankle deep.Walk through it to other side and you can look into launch tube.

Submitted by: Flippy on 09-20-09

What's the risk of actually getting caught? I kinda want to go check out the one in Abilene, but not if it's too risky.

Submitted by: dpinksto on 09-29-09

Well look into criminal trespassing. Been there done that, will not do it again! Always get permission.

Submitted by: nosferatu on 09-18-10

I have never been to the state of KS but Mitchell is not near Witchita, it is near Salina.This site is NOT owned by the government. The GSA has disposed this site as all Atlas E & F sites some many years back.The Mitchell, KS site has been listed on the internet on, off & on again for the last few years for sale. It has been reduced from $179k to $150k US dollars. I am in serious consideration of this site as well as the Valley Falls, KS Atlas E site I currently live in Germany but am able to move & get set up for a restoration project. If anyone is interested since I have never been to KS. Contengent on successful sale of any property I will give a 10% fee to anyone who gives me the name of legal owner of either site as they are both currently listed for sale. As far as getting shot. That would be 2 sites. One gentleman did go to jail for shooting a teen who was caught tresspassing on his site some years back. The story was revisited on CJ Online when the Wamego, KS site was raided for an illicit drug ring operation. I do not know the chaps name anymore but you do not have to worry about him anymore. The site was listed in a police sale going for less than $200k US dollars & being listed on the internet for some $500k to $600k US dollars. It was reported in the CJ Online that the dealer had invested several million US dollars in the renovation. Now this chap was said to be a very dangerous man but his main concern right now is dealing with a bad case of proctitus in some US prison & may spend all his remaining days there. I look fwd to a responce to my offer. BTW, you can order videos of these sites & they are no longer secret locations. I found out about this whole bloody missile base home thing in the British Tabloids. I thought it to be rubbish till I did an internet search.

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