Submitted by: KSGhost on 08-29-07

This is the closest Atlas F Silo to Wichita, KS. It is accessable but the guy that owns it "lives right beside it" and he stores all kinds of shit in it. So he prolly has a "lock on the door". I heard he's a nice old man though, and loves to give small tours of it.

Submitted by: nosferatu on 09-18-10

If you can get me contact info for a "small Tour" I can arrange a thank you token. As you may have heard Mr Ed & the Dover site will not tell anything about a site unless you have 2 to 3 hundred thousand to fork out. I have heard of some site owners offering tours to help offset costs & Mr Ed has never heard of any of them. Even if he sold them the site. I think that he is afraid they will quickly tire out & sell to a new friend they may have met instead of going back through him so he can add another 20 to 30k on top of the price. I do not have alot of money but I want to see one real bad & Mr Ed has turned down all my offers of cash to let me tag along to see one of his sells. You state kind old gentleman. That is great news. As he gets older & is less able to move about he will lose interest in the site. I would gladly pay a 10% feefor the name & contact due upon successful sale of site before Mr Ed gets ahold of the deed.

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