Submitted by: Lori Cook DeWinkler on 07-21-11

Very unique and fascinating school ! There are still books on the shelf and a flag you can see in the upstairs window! I'm told by locals that it is rented out for different activities.

Submitted by: Derek Pinkston on 07-21-11

That's cool, I wanna go check it out! It's not too far away.

Submitted by: Molly Bailey on 08-21-11

I went tonight and saw lights on in part of the building and what appeared to be travel trailers parked out back with lights on. I will go back in the daytime to look around but didn't want to get shot if someone does live back there. The driveway to the school is attached to a driveway to a private residence also so I didn't want to scare anyone. I live in Augusta and know most of the backroads around this area. There is another abandoned school building (or appears to be a school) just south of town. I am planning to go document that one also.

Submitted by: Derek Pinkston on 08-22-11

That would be awesome if you could submit the other school!!! Looking forward to hearing back from you!

  1. Lori Cook DeWinkler
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