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at the KDHE there are said to be two different ghosts that haunt that place. George and Sam are their names and their stories are just about all other ghosts they died a horrible death and they can go till it avenged.

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Submitted by: prophetd on 11-03-09

ok, i understand that you (the creator of this web page) most likely have never been inside this building therfore would have no idea of the ghost haunting it. but the facts for this building are . 1. Number of ghost inside this building no less then 3 per say. there is Sam (the most promenant), Geroge as you call him i never knew his name but he left a trail of sigar smoke when he was around (least promenant) and the Kids how many there are im not sure but when they are playing you can hear them through out the building. 2. Sam is a very how do you say playfull spirit, he is very protective as well. he has his name painted in the tunnel of the building that runs from the basement to the power house i have seen it painted over twice only to have it bleed through and return. the building in itself is just creepy i worked as a security guard where i would make patrols through the building with the site guard i have been through aproximatly 90% of the building and well to say the least it was scary. i also while working as a security guard had the honor of doing night patrols through the menigers complex and working at SbG but those will be storys for later.... if any one has any questions or wouldl like to hear some real stories from some places in topeka that are really haunted and some scary as ***** let me know by posting here.

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