Towanda - Wilburs Grocery

It is said that this grocery used to be an orphanage and also a home for wayward woman. Truckers used to sleep in the basement of the building. This is one of the oldest buildings in Towanda. Many of the women that worked at the grocery have said to see potato chips, grocery carts moving on their own, the smell of fresh coffee, and cold air coming from no where. One lady that was closing up for the evening had put up all of the mops and brooms on hangers for the night and also checked the freezer to make sure it was closed up tight. The next morning when she opened the store the freezer door was wide open and all of the brooms and mops were lying on the floor in one little pile. Another Lady said to have something come up and touch her on her head and play with her hair. Something was always untying their aprons. Each time a person could feel the cold chill in the air and the hair rise on their arms.

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Submitted by: DanMc on 12-10-08

I work with Wilbur's wife. I will ask her about this and get back to you.

Submitted by: DanMc on 12-10-08

OK. This is what A. had to say about the building - "well, actually, I could tell you some stories. We always believed it was haunted, but by friendly ghosts. It did used to be a place where truckers/railroad workers boarded. I have no idea about the orphanage or 'wayward' women deal. I think I would have known about that when we did the title search etc., but who knows. However, yes, there are very strange happenings, but never felt in danger. Sometime I'll have to tell you some of the really good ones. Very cool. a" They still own the building, but lease it out to another individual.

Submitted by: dpinksto on 12-11-08

Very interesting! Thanks for posting that, let me know if you here about anything else!

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