Burlington - Childs Play Cemetery

go wash your vehicle to great cleanliness on the bottoms and windows. Go down this gravel road and stop and check your car. Make note of any prints or anything on your car. Then go in to the cemetery stop and sit for about five minutes. You will probably hear a loud thud on your car. Thats when you leave. When you get to the next town, grab a flashlight or whatnot and look at your car. You will have a large handprint on your back glass, and lots of little handprints on your car body.

38.121112, -95.692313


Submitted by: on 06-19-08

You can no longer park inside the cemetary as it has been gated and padlocked. You can however walk inside due to a walk through door way. IF you go out at night and take pics of the road you may catch a few orbs and hear the laughter of children. This is "out in the boonies" so to speak as it is on an off road and there are no houses within sight. Use bug spray and use a digital camera with high pixels or a 35 mm camera. Be respectful, as it is obvious that this has become a party spot. Headstones have been knocked off and there are empty beer bottles/cans outside the gate. It is called the Lorenz Schlicter Memorial Cemetary, within which he is buried. There are a numerous amount of children buried there. It is an active sight with some paranormal occurences.

Submitted by: Netta on 10-16-09

Can you give specific directions to this place. I grew up around Burlington and have never heard of it. Never knew I could find a haunted place so close to home, and I am excited to go check it out!

Submitted by: dpinksto on 10-18-09

On the right of the page there is a link for "Get Directions" This should be able to assist you. Thanks for checking out the site!

Submitted by: Netta on 10-18-09

We went out this weekend. There are tons of cool things. Lots of children buried there, and your right tons of vandilism. Nothing happened but it was really cool. Too bad it is locked up! Your map is off though. Lorenz Schlichter is on 6th lane south of town.

Submitted by: dpinksto on 10-19-09

Ok, I will get the map updated! Thanks for your help.

Submitted by: Netta on 10-19-09

Just look up Lorenz Schlichter Memorial Cemetery on yahoo and it will give you a map of the exact location. From Hwy 75 go east on 7th lane, take right on at the end of the road at oxen road, at planter take left, when you get to 6th lane take another left. That will take you straight to it.

Submitted by: dpinksto on 10-27-09

The map has been updated. The "Get directions" link on the right will also help you get there.

Submitted by: Lori Cook DeWinkler on 07-21-11

Very quiet cemetery......well, except for the deer I heard walking close by. Very unique cemetery to visit and read the headstones.

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