Wichita - Wichita State University - Wilner Auditorium

Several accounts of voices, doors opening and closing, and lights flickering have been noticed by students. The ghost is believed to be that of building namesake George Wilner.

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Submitted by: LM24601 on 10-03-07

I went to school for 3 years in that building.  George Wilner is there and he will mess with you.  Nothing bad, he just likes to have fun.  Also, our costume teacher will be on the 3rd foor searching for something. She will say, "George where is it."  She will then leave and when she returns it will be laying out in front of her.  Also,  George sometimes likes to push boxes over on her...lol.

Submitted by: dpinksto on 10-24-07

That's awesome!

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