Chanute - Wal-Mart super center

when they changed Wal-mart to a super center a man who died(1978) in the parking lot was mad. now he haunts Wal-mart. he is known to play in the children's isle. (when he's happy) but when he's mad everything get cold an the power goes out on Halloween. stuff gets lost, and only children can see him. things get out of places. when children follow him they don't come back...

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Submitted by: Irv on 09-30-09

How can he have died in the parking lot in 1978, when Wal-mart was located in the Chanute Square before it moved to the new location of the SuperCenter

Submitted by: dpinksto on 10-01-09

I didn't submit this story, the story seems a little off to me, but it is possible that someone died at a place before there was a building there.

Submitted by: Rachel A. Dyson on 08-15-11

I don't believe they even had a wal-mart in Chanute in 1978,

Submitted by: Derek Pinkston on 08-16-11

I would agree Rachel! Maybe a man died where the parking lot currently is? Or maybe the original submitter is just making stuff up...

Submitted by: Samantha Alexis Murrell on 08-24-11

I've lived in Chanute since I was 3. I was born in 1991. And the Wal-Mart here didn't even become a supercenter until a few years back..can't exactly remember when, just sometime during my life time. Soo this whole thing is kind of impossible. That and none of the things claimed have ever happened to my knowledge..ever. lol I'm not sure if a man really did die in the area, but I've never heard bof any of the 'hauntings' happening.

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