Douglass - The Hanger/Bridge

1 Mile West of Douglass, KS out in the woods is an old Birdge that runs over a creek. There is a old tree down by the creek on the North side of the Bridge that used to be the hanging post for all the blacks in the Douglass, Rose Hill area that would disobey there slave masters. In fact this bridge and tree are talked about in the Douglass Historical Museum. They even have a picture of the tree with three people hanging from it. If you go here late at night and get out on the bridge youll hear some strange stuff.
The tree collapsed back in 2004 but still crosses the creek below. From Douglass go West on 210th St. to Adams Rd. Go South on Adams Rd. all the way until it ends and forces you to go west. Youll actuall go over a "big big" dropping like hill before you have to turn West. Youll see what i mean when you get there. DONT GO FAST! the bridge should just be to the West after you turn that way.

37.490300, -97.041700


Submitted by: dpinksto on 08-28-07

I always though the hangmans bridge was the big wooden one south of Douglass?

Submitted by: KSGhost on 08-29-07

It could be. Im from the Derby area and this is just what I heard. I've been there three times and there is a bridge and its hella creepy. I am gonna double check the directions I posted but im pretty sure this is the one???

Anyone else know about either one of these bridges???

Submitted by: txman on 10-18-08

How about the low water bridge a mile north of Douglass, that place is dark and creepy in the middle of the day.

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