The population was 50 at the 2000 census. It is part of the Emporia Micropolitan Statistical Area. There are not many occupied buildings left in Elmdale except for a few houses and a general store. Downtown there is an abandon city building, bank, automotive buildings. Down the road is a abandon 2 story school house.

38.372994, -96.645976


Submitted by: laynalynn on 03-19-09

The school hear was great with the auditorum next door that used to be some kind of carpet or furniture place....one of my favs

Submitted by: Duzz10 on 08-17-09

Can you get in?

Submitted by: Mike Tracy on 07-21-11

My wife and I stopped by there on the way home from the June 18th investigation at the Eldridge. Like laynalynn, we were impressed with the school and auditorium buildings. They might be worth making some inquiries about.

Submitted by: Amy Schroeder on 10-29-11

Pic #5 - perfect!

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