Lake City

The first settler was there in 1871. 1880's were boom period for town. 1889 population was 1,500. There were 4 hotels, newspaper office, 3 livery stables, a bakery that turned out over 100 loaves of bread a day, several saloons, 3 grocery stores, 2 dry goods stores, hardware store, and a bank....

Lake city brought people out for miles to see "McLain's Roundup" from 1921-1938. For 3 days in July they had fine horse races and the most outstanding rodeo performances ever in ks...eventually they built a grandstand that seated 3,000 people...carnival and dance every night. The carnival name was Brodbeck Carnival...relay n chariot races, wild cow milking, trick riding n roping, and of course ended in 1939...Medicine River washed away most of the midway...but the grandstand is still supposed to be there...i didn't know bout it till i got home from there and looked the place 1935 population was 300...big also at that time 3 cafes, 3 gas stations, post office, hardware store, lumberyard, blacksmith shop, barbershop, meat market, 2 general stores, a confectionery, drug store, telephone office, garage, and a dr....1980 population dropped to 126...i don't know which building is which but there are quite a few still standing and abandoned.

Lake City Township is a township in Barber County, Kansas, USA. As of the 2000 census, its population was 83.

37.354569, -98.820519


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awesome place...

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This is not the actual site of the MCclain Roundup. The Rodeo was located in Sun City Kansas which is only 5 miles west of Lake City. Along with all the festivites the MCclain Roundup also hosted the first woman in professional rodeo, Fox Hastings. She competed in bulldoggin and bronc riding.

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