Danville, one of the little towns in Harper county, is located in Odell township about 12 miles northeast of Anthony, the county seat. It is a station on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe R. R., has telegraph and express offices and a money order postoffice with one rural route.

There are a number of general stores and other retail establishments, a mill and a bank. The population was 200 in 1910. The town was laid out in 1880 by Mrs. J. E. Cole and a postoffice was established, which was called Coleville. Later a town company was formed with T. O. Moffet as president. The site was bought from Mrs. Cole and the name was changed to Danville. The first building was erected by F. O. Mott, the treasurer of the town company. In 1882 a newspaper (the Danville Argus) was established by R. E. Hicks, and in that year the Presbyterians built the first church. Remains: Old hotel currently an abandoned library/diner. Bank building, school building, train depot, downtown store front. Danville is a city in Harper County, Kansas, United States. The population was 59 at the 2000 census.

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Growing up, from the time I was a young child my Parents took us kids to church in Danville. We were Catholics and for as long as I can remember Danville has been a Catholic community, with a beautiful church which is located on the Southwest corner of the town. I have a picture of the church if anyone is interested. (Located in far eastern Harper [HP] County, Danville lies on the boundary between the flat wheat fields of Sumner County and the gentle red hills of Harper county. The town is defined by the standard Kansas institutions: railroad, grain elevator, and church. The Immaculate Conception church in Danville, built in 1904, is still beautifully maintained. The town was named for Danville, Ohio, the former home of some of the early settlers.)

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The guy who currently owns the library also owns a house down the road and down the road from his place as well...the house is huge....

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