Corbin is a community in Sumner County, Kansas, United States. The post office was established February 6, 1884, and discontinued February 16, 1975. The nearby Spring Creek School is on the National Register of Historic Places.

History of Corbin

by La Rue Watts, 8th grade [1953]

Corbin was founded about seventy years ago by a colony from Missouri. Before the colony came here, the Hurst post office was one mile west of here and the Santa Fe railroad ran southwest of here to Caldwell. Later the Post office moved to where the railroad crossed and was called the Hurst Crossing. The school at that time was called Maple Grove and was located one and one-half Miles southwest of here.
When the colony arrived, they purchased eighty acres of land and named it Corbin. The first business was a mill built by Kennedy and Gooch; then a doctorís office and a drug store operated by Dr. W.F. Willhoit. A store was built by Kinney and Kettering; a blacksmith shop by Bill Allen; a lumber yard by A.J. Moor; a hotel by Andy Ruthrauff, and a jewelry store by Ben Alexander.
Several business places, including the hotel, were destroyed by fire a few years ago. This left only two historic buildings, the Odd Fellow building and the Corbin School. The school was built in 1909 and is now district 114. The classes go through the eighth grade and high school students go to Caldwell.
The Santa Fe no longer runs trains south of here. Corbin is now served by the Rock Island railroad and the Rock Island truck lines. No buses enter the town.
The present buildings are the Corbin Methodist Church; the Rock Island depot; two elevators; a lumber yard and hardware store; an oil station and bulk station; a produce house, garage, blacksmith shop, restaurant, post office, and grocery store. The grocery store occupies the ground floor of the Odd Fellow building and the upper floor is used by the lodge. A bowling alley next to the store was torn down about two years ago. Corbinís population is around 110.
Mr. and Mrs. O.P. Brownback, who farm at the south edge of Corbin, were here several years before the colony settled the town. They are Corbinís

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Submitted by: Jason_C on 05-20-10

Has anyone actually been there? How would I go about getting permission to check it out? My family name is actually Corbin so I think it would make a cool place to see.

Submitted by: dpinksto on 05-24-10

I have been there, it's a pretty cool little ghost town. You don't have to get permission to go to the town it's self, but you will have to get permission if you wish to gain access to someone's property.

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