Alma - Wabaunsee High School

Wabaunsee High School is the Haunted by past students and teachers. Most of the students groups are those of students who never got to graduate from the high school because they died while attending it.

Teachers and even students have experienced strange things, which occur mostly on the third floor of the building. Things usually occur when someone is on the floor alone. One time the junior- senior class English teacher was alone in her classroom grading paper. Her door is right across the hall for the school's auditorium and she noticed that the lights in auditorium were flickering on and off and there were voices coming from it. She thought that it was some students that had stayed in the building and were goofing off. So she went to check it but the door was locked, and the kept flickering. So she went to back to her classroom and got her key. As soon as she unlocked and opened the door the lights and the voices stopped. So she peaked in side but saw nothing. As she walked out she was stunned at what she saw, every single locker on the floor was wide open, even the ones that had padlocks on them. She slowly closed the auditorium door and locked it and as she was locking it all the locker doors slammed shut. She was so scared that she left the high school without locking her classroom door. Another time the same teacher was again grading papers by herself in her classroom. She suddenly heard music coming from the auditorium, so she grabbed her key went to the door unlocked it and opened it. She almost passed out at what she saw, she saw a ghostly looking lady playing an instrument. The figure was of a teacher who used to teacher band at the high school, she had died a few years ago of cancer. So when you walk the third floor hall of Wabaunsee High School alone beware of what you might encounter.

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