Gypsum - Devils Washboard

Back in the 50's 7 high school kids were out raising hell while driving drunk and drove over three treacherous hills that follow in a row. Each one getting steeper and steeper and on the last one they actually hit the side of it crushing there car into a very compact box! True story. The town's police had the car put up on a high wooden platform on the side of the road at the exact spot they died, to teach the rest of the towns teenagers from making the same mistake. Thing is don't go messing around and try even though it's a thrill ride, you will wreck or almost lose it and it's said if you try it. You can hear the young teenagers screaming. This is very dangerous, drive with caution.

38.705173, -97.426916


Submitted by: Dallas on 10-18-08

Im not too sure about this one in the 50's bcuz my dads from Gypsum, KS and grew up there.. and one of his friends got into a really bad wreck there back in the 70's and crushed his car.. but the car thats there now is my dads friend.. there was 3 ppl and 2 made it out un harmed and the other (my dads friend) is paralyzed from the waist down and is still alive till this day.. and they were in high school.. the guy thats paralyzed, his name is richard. he was a sophomore in high school when it happen and the other 2 were one older and the other younger.. but theres only one car up there and its Richards.. and was moved to where you can hardly see it next to a tree, so you would have to stop to see it the greatest.. plus the old school there in Gypsum looks really scary and haunted looking.. but then again all of gypsum looks haunted..

Submitted by: Brad Buchta on 11-04-11

On Saturday night, October 29, 2011, my team (Ghost Investigations Crew), worked this site. It was extremely windy and rather cold so we didn't run our digital recorders, only night vision camcorders, cameras and EMF meters. What we captured on our night vision video leads me to believe that yes, the area does have some paranormal activity. EMF readings also spiked at times, one time in particular, I asked a question and the EMF meter lit up. I know some are skeptics but you had to be there. My team and I will return there when the weather won't be so unfriendly towards an investigation.

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