Hutchinson - Screaming Well

A boy and a girl fell down the well and died. Now at night you can hear their screams, but if you listen up close a white hand grabs you and pulls you in. !!WARNING - the well is caving in - DONT GET CLOSE!!



Exact Location Unknown

38.0635, -97.925606


Submitted by: DarkSpartan on 10-29-07

Does anyone know where the location for this site is at? My Paranormal investigative team has been looking everywhere for the location. If anyone knows could you please leave a comment or e-mail me. Thanks

Submitted by: on 02-13-08

I cant find this well anywhere! I really really need directions!

Submitted by: ghoulgirls on 02-14-08

Yeah, everywhere I go I can't find the location, it just says a "well". Okay, I know Hutch is small, but you can't just refer to a random well. No one knows where it is! My guess is that it's out in the country, probably north of 43rd street because that's where all the uninhabited land still lies.

Submitted by: sirray189 on 02-26-08

43rd are you serious i heard its out in 67503 area thats out around the nickerson boulivard area you are in the completely wrong direction i am looking for this same area...

Submitted by: dinkerbell on 10-23-10

To whomever asked about the location of the screaming well, it is my understanding (and I might be wrong), that the screaming well is located on some one's private property and/or residence. Curiously, I have read this very "screaming well" story on the Shadowlands website that has a huge listing of ghost stories and supposedly true haunted locations from nearly every state. The Screaming well is one such story that is listed on their site. Either way, it is still a good ghost story.

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