Whitewater - Jail

The jail currently sits in an alley---behind the post office.


Yes, Whitewater had a calaboose to house those who needed retention.  Much of the time it was used to let drunks sober up.  The first calaboose was constructed in 1892 on the property where the Swiss Church is now (Oak and Topeka Streets).  Apparently, this was a wood type building.

About 1910 or 1911 a concrete building was constructed near the alley north of Topeka Street.  It was small and did have a couple of rooms.  The building still stands and is used by the city of Whitewater for storage.  It was a place kids liked to go by when they had a prisoner.  It, too, was a place to hold drunks.  Occasionally, one would try to burn the place down or tear it up.  They were fined to pay for the damage.
(Whitewater, Kansas ~ 1890-1990 ~ A Little Town With A Big Heart)

I was told by a lady at City Hall that one of the firemen is trying to get the jail restored ~~ Lori (August, 2011)

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