Mildred - Post Apocalyptic Adventure

Mildred is about 135 miles east of Wichita and has a very small population. The town itself contains a few abandoned buildings, but the real draw is just outside of town - a long disused cement factory. 

The cement factory was active from WWI thru the Great Depression. It has since been left to fall to ruins. When you are in the thick of it, it seriously feels like the apocalypse has happened. Trees and vines, plots of Irises, barracks with remaining mattress springs and even a super old (1950's or older) car left to the elements. The factory walls are many stories high and half crumbling. It was a big campus and you could explore for hours. Watch out for pits, and bring bug spray. We explored in the spring, and everyone ended up w/ at least one tick!

Source: Personal Experience

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