Lindsborg - Old Farm near Coronado Heights

There's an old farm house in Lindsborg that no one whether it be day or night can miss the unmistakable black tarry looking mist or something that will crawl rapidly and aimlessly along the grass of the property or even in the house crawling up the walls and floors, whatever it is it doesn't want you there most of the time it will eventually start to chase you aggressively day or night. The owner even refuses to live there, no one has for years.

38.608638, -97.709634


Submitted by: Lindsay on 08-23-07

I was near here didnt know about this place sounds cool.

Submitted by: on 04-03-08

I was out last night trying to find the farmhouse.does anyone know where it is in relation to coronado heights?my email address is

Submitted by: mikeyhelikesit on 11-01-09

Sounds pretty cool, i was checking the indicated sight on google earth and there is in fact a farmsted there but it looks well maintained and from as far as i can tell inhabited any more info on this would be great

Submitted by: Tortuga on 07-18-10

I have been looking for it also... have you had any luck? I thought that I had found it, but when I located a relative to the place that I thought was it, I was told that that was his Fathers house and it was not haunted! I am still going to send the permission slip to him anyway... who knows, maybe he has had time to think about it.

Submitted by: Tortuga on 07-18-10

I checked out the area and, where it is marked on the map, there is no structure. I checked out the whole section. However, I was able to find one house that fit the discription and was in the approximate area. I was able to locate a relative to the owner of this farm and he assured me that that was his Fathers house and it had nothing strange going on there. I think I will send him the permission slip anyway... he might have changed his mind. Wish me luck!!!

Submitted by: Chelsey on 09-25-10

Have any of you been to the old mill museum and swedish pavalion in lindsborg. Well they are very haunted I have proof on some photos I took at the swedish pavalion alot of paranormal activity happens there. Me and the other couple I were with experience alot of bad spirits there. What is it with the colorful horses in that town on every corner very creepy. I have read the history of the Swedish Pavalion and it still doesn't explain why so many evil spirits lurk in that building and it seems like no one really tours the place. Maybe someone else needs to experiece what we did sometimes I wonder why did I have so many health problems after going to that god forsaken place. I'm lucky to be alive, I will never go back there ever. Ghosts and Spirits really do exsist.

Submitted by: Chelsey on 09-25-10

I'm here to let people know about the old mill museum and swedish pavalion in Lindsborg. We took a little trip there to Coronado Hts then over to the old mill and the pavalion. When we got to the musuem we noticed we were the only ones there. Very creepy feeling I got thru the old mill tour. Then across the street is the Swedish Pavalion it looked abandoned but the lady at the Old Mill told us we can visit the place so we proceed to do so. It seem like every place we entered was an evil present there so we took pictures and noticed when we got our photos back we noticed paranormal activity in the photos from the naked eye it scared us all. We seen old fashioned people with bonets on there hair and men with old fashioned attire. Alot of little children were there we could here them cry for help and also on the photos that I took. And no it wasn't the light of the camera it was real and very frightening I have even asked friends I know that have family there and they said they don't want to talk about it. It makes me want to sent some professionals up there to investigate the place like Ghost Hunters. But then again sometimes you should leave well enough along..I had to share this frightening true experience

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