Medicine Lodge - Flowerpot Mountain

The story of this place has lived among the locals and not sure if it is fact or myth, however the story goes: In the early settlers days pioneers settled on flowertop mountain and they believed the indians were peaceful however one fateful day their opinion changed. The way this was discovered was through a riddle passed down through generations about a diary kept by a woman on that spot. The riddle was eventually solved and revealed a location of the supposed diary. The location was a gnarled tree at the top of flowertop and sure enough there stood a small dead tree that stood out from the rest. "Historians" dug up around the tree and found the diary. The woman talked about how the Indians were peaceful but the last entry out of nowhere stated. "Indians Hostile". It is along with the story that every settler was murdered and to this day that gnarled tree still stands. The odd thing about the tree is that it leans north and its branches point north while everything on the other side of it is dead, but the trees around it lean south and the north sides the dead or dieing branches. - **A few more points of interest about this place** It has been rumored that a cult was active in this very location back in the late 80s and early 90s and cows around the area were found dead with one thing wrong, their utters were sliced off, but not by animals because the cuts were too strait and clean. Those utters were then sacrificed by the cult on flowertop, a trail that no cow could have taken leads to the top.


Exact Location not known

37.277399, -98.593111


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