Mulvane - Pizza Hut

Late at night somebody prepares pizza crust. It has been said when the store is opened in the mornings the music is playing loud. At one table it appears that somebody has eaten a full course meal.

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Submitted by: dpinksto on 08-23-07

Uh huh, I am willing to bet that this is just something someone made up while they were board at pizza hut.

If that really happened I would guess that an employee had the late night munchies.

Submitted by: Lindsay on 08-23-07

Being from Mulvane I can say this is so not true.

Submitted by: KSGhost on 08-29-07

I agree with -dpinksto one of the employees was hella stoned and had a key lol, but shit if i was a ghost i'd be eating stuffed crust every night too.

Submitted by: on 10-25-07

Yeah so i'm petty sure that the Pizza Hut is "NOT" haunted.  There really isn't much to do in Mulvane but get wasted all the time.  I'd be willing to be someone who works there made this up because they were so wasted they forgot that "they" were the ones who actually ate the pizza.  And it's so old the stereo probably just doesn't even shut off who knows.

Submitted by: GoodWitch on 02-21-08

There is certainly something eerie about the old part of Mulvane but the Pizza Hut story is nothing more than a poor attempt at spinning a not even entertainingly believable yarn.

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