Park City - The Backtrail

One of the ghost was murdered back in these woods several years ago. It was by her husband who had caught her in a deep love affair. Little did he now that she was pregnant. Now her soul can't rest. So she takes it out on the kids who travel this trail. The second tale of a different ghost is a strange one. Jacob was riding his bike down the trail. This trail is a pretty easy to ride on except for one spot. We know it as deadman's curve. We'll when he got to this spot he was picking up speed so he tried to slam on the brakes. But for some reason his brakes were not working. So he road his speeding death trap down the wrong path. His front tire hit a root sticking up from the ground and it sent him flying head first into a tree. His lifeless body floated down the creek never to be seen again. Some say it was the wife who killed him.

Location Approximate

37.800154, -97.326508


Submitted by: KSGhost on 08-29-07

I have been there 1 time its nothing special. but earlier this year a guy shot himself in the head and slumped down beside an old cedar tree at the park the back trails at an wasnt noticed for about 4 hours. kinda weird 2 deaths 1 park.

Submitted by: dpinksto on 08-29-07

You know where exactly this is?  THen I can get the cords updated and get the map loaded.

Submitted by: DanMc on 12-10-08

Growing up in Park City and exploring every park in the area extensively, I have never heard of any of this. I did not hear about the suicide earlier this year either. The old parks in Park City are McClean and a small park that didn't have a name until recently. I still don't know the name. McClean Park is the main city park located on N Hydraulic. There is a creek that runs through it, but I am not aware of any "backtrail". This is the only wooded area in the park. I have explored the entire area as a boy and have never encountered any paranormal happenings or even anything remotely strange. The other park is behind a bunch of houses near QT that was rarely used by anyone. This is the park that BTKs house was adjacent to until it was demolished last year. There are no woods in this park. There was a small trail on the West side of the drainage ditch, but it was not wooded or haunted. I walked that trail many, many times. Another place that is not nor was ever a "park" was a wooded area known as "boys island". It had several trails and hills that kids used to ride their bicycles on. It has been leveled and developed into housing. I would be interested in the origins of this haunt.

Submitted by: AndreaMichelle on 07-27-10

I have lived in park city for 13 years now. Ever since I could ride a bike, Me and My friends would ride our bikes up and down this trail. I had a paranormal experience on this trail. The curve where the boy fell off his bike was where mine happened. I got pushed off my bike and thank god i grabbed onto a tree and screamed for my friends to come back for me. Or else I would have ended up wherever that boy went. The trail starts/ends at gary street on the applebees side of hydraulic and it starts/ends right before the creek and dip in the road as you enter the park. The trail will be on your left. It's closed off at the gary street entrance.

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