Pratt - Lemon's Park

a man parked his car on the south end of the park and committed suicide, several kids were involved in a fatal car accident on the same end of the park, and satanic worship goes on in the woods on the south end of the park. the park is haunted, and VERY creepy at night!

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Submitted by: GoodWitch on 02-21-08

There is not an inch of Lemon Park that I have not explored (day or night) while growing up. Fortunately there have never been any fatal accidents in Lemon Park. Accidents yes, but never fatal. Nor has anyone committed suicide in the park. The south end of the park is also the back side of the saddle club which sits on Lake Road across from the county fair grounds. What was always thought to have been satantic worship was nothing more than city employees burning diseased trees that smoldered for days. It was eerie to drive through and see the glowing embers. Is the park creepy at night? I suppose so, but it does not hold the suspense it once did. A number of years ago gates were put up making it impossible to drive through from approximately 10:00 PM until 8:00 AM. You are still able to park outside the gates and enter on foot.

Submitted by: DesireAnn on 10-27-09

Lemon's Park is not haunted! I find it funny that i can submit an actual haunted place and it is denied when stupid stories like this one actually make it to the site. this is rediculous.

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