Stull - Stull Cemetery and abandoned church

Update: The church has since been torn down - Stull is said to be one of the six gateways to hell. The devil had a child with a local witch. The witch was hung in a tree and the boy was killed. The tree that she was hung from fell over and opened a gateway to hell. Many stories say that a large group of people went out into the cemetery on Halloween and the next day they were found all slaughtered. Witnesses report a demon like creature watching them from the doorway of the abandoned church on the hill of the cemetery. Do not go in the cemetery. Many bad things could happen.

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Submitted by: jonesy on 10-30-08

ive been in the cemetery and the old church.. granted it was pretty creepy .the church was falling down and there was a basment. the church was a limestone foundation .with wood wood frame. when i was there many students went there cause it was scary ..didnt see anything or hear anything besides cars driving buy on the highway ..but creepy either way

Submitted by: jonesy on 10-30-08

i was there in the early 90's before the church was taken out after falling

Submitted by: DesireAnn on 10-27-09

seriously? i used to love this site.. its just retarded now.. this is lame. what a stupid kids ghost tale.

Submitted by: dpinksto on 10-27-09

I don't appreciate your negativity. Specially considering you are representing a Paranormal Group. This is a community based site where users post locations of Ghost Towns, Hauntings and Abandonment. I am also part of a Paranormal Group that is part of the TAPS family, of course I realize a lot of these Haunted locations are bunk, but once again this is a community driven site, and I have no room to say if a location is haunted or not unless I have been there. Thanks, Derek

Submitted by: prophetd on 11-03-09

not to be a "bugger" but a simple search into the history or "stull cemetary" will net that the whole myth behind this location was created buy a student at KU who wrote for the university newspaper... i dont remember the exact date but i want to say late 70's early 80's. unfortunatly one of kansas's most famous haunted places is just a big fat joke :(

Submitted by: kuraihikari on 07-14-10

When my group went we got as close to the cemetery as the gates, we had seen a shadow pass by the sign of the church. we learned that the owner of the cemetery would not let anyone onto this site, and would not give written permission either. So, for now at least, if you go there you're trespassing.

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