Submitted by: laynalynn on 09-29-08

be careful at the old Memorial Hall.....the guy who lives behind it gets mad at people on his property and he will write down ur tag #....i know from experience

Submitted by: kkidd on 06-04-10

A buddy and I went out on our bikes to see Neosho Falls its about a 2hr drive from us. Upon coming into the small town we pulled beside the old school we walked through the side entrence into this huge what looked to be at one time gym, it was a great sight. We further went into the school and class rooms. You do get a bit of an erie feeling when you go into the basement, theres standing water in places it cold. Theres about 5 bathrooms there. Overall Neosho falls was a great visit. its just to bad about the flood there in 1951 that wiped alot of stuff out.

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